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Restoration Mart’s Terms, Privacy, and Returns

Restoration Mart is a discovery platform for products sold by 3rd party creators. We do not own, or control the quality of products sold on Restoration Mart, unless the product is labeled as an Official Restoration Board or Restoration Mart Product. If you feel an item sold by a 3rd party seller is not satisfactory, simply contact your seller. You can Mail them in your Portal.

By visiting this website, you agree to Restoration Mart’s Terms, Privacy, and Returns policies. If you do not agree, we are so sorry. To be safe, please leave immediately.

When you sign up to an account on Restoration Mart, you also agree to Terms, Privacy, and Returns policies. If you do not agree, we are so sorry. To be safe, please leave immediately.

Returns & Refunds


3rd Party Products
To get support for a product you’ve purchased on Restoration Mart, please contact the seller directly, using our Mail system. If you feel a seller has wronged you, we may be able to help. Although we will look into it, Restoration Mart is not responsible for returns, refunds, or legal action involving a product, or 3rd party seller dispute. Buyers, or 3rd party sellers may request assistance by sending details to: [email protected]

Official Restoration Board Products
Restoration Mart will gladly accept returns for any merchandise labeled as:
“Official Restoration Board Product”. Full, or partial cash refunds for returned merchandise, or digital products, is subject to manual approval. Although we work hard to give you a quality buying experience like no other, we reserve the right to deny your refund request, for any reason. Refunds are provided in the form of a check, or PayPal refund. Send your returned item(s) to:

Godspeed Technologies
ATTN: Restoration Engine
3611 Mt Holly-Huntersville Road
Suite 208
Charlotte, NC 28216

Attention Sellers !!!
The 7% fee for selling your item is non-refundable, including situations where you need to refund your customer. You have been warned.

Privacy & Data Collection:
We track activity, and collect personal information on Restoration Board, and Restoration Mart. This is to help us understand our website activity, and to provide a better experience for our visitors, and customers. We do not store your credit card information! Transactions on Restoration Board, and Restoration Mart, are processed securely PayPal, or another 3rd party merchant processing platform.

Official Rules:
To view our official rules, please visit our rules section on Restoration Board:  http://restorationboard.com/rules-to-follow/official-rules-guidelines/

These rules apply to all Restoration Engine websites. If you break the rules, you may be removed and banned.

Jurisdiction/Venue and Choice of Law: The Referee, by signing this agreement, consents to jurisdiction and venue to be in Charlotte, North Carolina, or in any appropriate court in another jurisdiction selected by Godspeed Technologies, LLC., which can hold jurisdiction over the parties, and that the referee unconditionally consents to the jurisdiction selected by Godspeed Technologies, LLC. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina.  


Jobs are between the contractor, and customer. Sue them, not us!

RestorationSupport.com is a lead generation engine, not a customer servicing brand. We do not control the quality of contractors unless you give us feedback, so that we can moderate, and ban the bad ones. Although we have the cream of the crop private network built since 1987, we simply can’t control contractors individually, at a national scale, nor do we take responsibility for customers that hurt contractors. That drama is between the contractor, and customer. We don’t get involved, beyond listing the customer lead, and collecting a % for lead generation.


You agree to paying 14% of the total customer invoices, not just a micro-invoice to scam our system. When we refer a customer job, it’s a ban worthy offense to scam RestorationMart.com, and RestorationSupport.com with micro-invoice submissions. Pay or don’t play! Also, we reserve a right to contact the customer, and the contractor, for any reason. Lastly, your information is kept safe, but we do have tracking on jobs in place to ensure all systems run smoothly. Please don’t game our system for any reason (customer or contractor). It could result in legal penalty, and bans.

Contractors that have CLAIMED a customer lead  off of RestorationSupport.com claim form (/claim.html) must pay using PayPal to: [email protected] within 15 days of receiving payment from the customer. Even it takes forever to get paid, make sure you close the lead with us, by submitting invoices to: [email protected], and sending FULL “14% of whatever the customer paid” payment(s) via PayPal “Send Money”.

Restoration Support and Restoration Mart can ban you for any reason, or use data where necessary to protect ourselves from bad.

Legal Questions?
Have a legal issue? Please note: legal proceedings must occur in Charlotte, NC. Send your inquiry here:  Legal, Press, & Investors


Restoration Mart is a local business marketplace. Our platform gives creators free nationwide exposure for anything they sell, and gives buyers “vendor only” deals, with no fees.



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