The Vantage LGR-3000 Commercial Dehumidifier by B-Air

B-AIR VANTAGE LGR-3000 Commercial Dehumidifier – EXCLUSIVE PRICE

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B-Air’s Vantage LGR-3000 Dehumidifier is the most powerful, and effective drying device  available in the world. This is not a lie.


The Vantage LGR-3000 is the most powerful and effective dehumidifier on the market, for under 10,000 dollars. We’ve checked. This unit is capable of removing a whopping 170 pints per day (38 gallons per day), which means it pulls more water than any other refrigerant dehumidifier in it’s class!

B-Air developed the Vantage LGR with smart technology, which allows the unit to automatically adapt, making it run efficiently in almost any ambient temperature. With next gen heat pump technology, the Vantage LGR can defrost only when needed, and will continue to produce water while in defrost mode, increasing performance substantially. In colder conditions, this unit stands up to the test where others fail easily.

Designed for maneuverability, Vantage LGR-3000’s non-slip rubberized bottom feet, paired with recessed wheels gives this device the ability to perform across a full range of conditions (33°F to 125°F), yet it can be stored neatly in a confined area. You won’t purchase a more effective, safe, and powerful dehumidifier for restoration jobs, in the world.

BONUS: Why is the Vantage LGR-3000 over 100 dollars less than on B-Air’s own website? Glad you noticed! During Restoration Mart’s global launch event, all B-Air products are exclusively discounted!!

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